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Thank you for visiting my teaching portfolio. In the tabs above, I have included my teaching philosophy, reflections on the courses I have taught with samples of materials I have used to teach them, evaluations, my curriculum vita, and a copy of my dissertation abstract. I work hard to teach well and in 2017, my teaching was recognized with the Syracuse University Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award.

My dissertation explores the intellectual culture of the modern American West through the public life of Wallace Stegner, a novelist, essayist, historian, and environmentalist. The photograph that serves as the banner for my portfolio, which I took near the border of Wyoming and Colorado, illustrates one of the themes I examine in my dissertation: the history and nature of places in the American West. My interest in the American West started with a cross-country trip from Maryland, where I grew up, to the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. This trip to a region so different from the one I knew raised questions that continue to shape my research. I proceeded to earn an MA in American Studies at the University of Wyoming, where I studied from 2007-2009, and my interest in the American West has only grown since then.

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